Requirements for the uniqueness of the student’s work, which are written in the Essayswriting.org

Plagiarism is the main evil in the world of science and is carefully fought. Honestly, with the development of technology and the comprehensive Internet, this works well. Therefore, the uniqueness of students’ work has become the main condition for quality.

What to do if a student writes a work independently, and the required percentage of originality does not meet the methodological requirements? This is a consequence of inexperience. You must be able to achieve uniqueness. What percentage is needed, where and how to check this criterion – we’ll talk about it.

What uniqueness is needed for student work?

As you and I understand, academic work is different from work. And the criteria are also very different. For example, even in these and diplomas, they are incomparable, not to mention academic articles and foreign publications. Plus profile, discipline, topics are of great value.

Future physicists are likely to have difficulty with calculations, but there are concessions about their uniqueness for them and many other representatives of technical specialties. What can not be said about the humanities – there are no discounts on exact formulas, special non-alternative conditions, so the allowable threshold of uniqueness is much higher.

The difference can reach 15-20%, which is good for technology because the humanities are very accurate in terms of uniqueness. Of course, we are now talking about effective protection.

What percentage of uniqueness should be in the diploma?

The authors of Essayswriting.org write my essay for me projects with a uniqueness of at least 85-90%. But let’s start with the fact that the thesis is a broad concept. It includes bachelor’s and master’s theses. Materials with a uniqueness below 55% cannot be protected.

These professionals have similar requirements for a bachelor’s degree. The work can be done perfectly if the figure is 75-80%. Among the lucky ones are graduates of economics, law, and technology universities. For them, this percentage of uniqueness is 5-10% lower. Materials with a uniqueness below 55% cannot be protected.

85-95% is required for master’s theses – excellent result; 80-85% – high score; 70-80% satisfactory. Everything below is unsatisfactory. Again, you need to make discounts on discipline. Technicians can perform master’s theses with a uniqueness of up to 60%.

Percentage of originality of term papers and abstracts

Abstracts – the easiest task in terms of originality, 50% and enough. Of course, teachers can specify their requirements, but in general, if the whole text is at least half of the source material, it will be accepted.

Of course, the issues are a bit more complicated, but also not very critical. The distribution of indicators is large, depending on the field of study of the student, specialties, and topics. The high average percentage – 80-85%, but options are allowed except for 55%. Exact data can be clarified in the department or refer to the guidelines.

Can the authors of Essayswriting.org achieve maximum uniqueness?

100% original text of student work using the services of the company Essayswriting.org, it is possible:

  • First, such uniqueness can only be achieved in the humanities, and second, you have to tinker and risk the content. Let’s explain why. Uniqueness is an important, but not the only criterion for evaluating a thesis or other work. The form must correspond to the content, and this in turn – the principles of reliability, literacy, and scientificity;
  • Without underestimating the importance of less precise disciplines, it should be noted that they have more opportunities to increase uniqueness. For example, there is the word “man”. Depending on the context, it can be a subject, a citizen, a person, a participant in the process. 100% uniqueness is not required in legal, economic, or medical texts. This is the first call that something went wrong and the text has lost its scientific style, authenticity, fact. The maximum percentage may indicate that too much text has been used, there are no references to accurate data, the rule of law, no real Essayswriting.orgs are given, no proper Essayswriting.orgs are used;
  • It is no coincidence that the amount of acceptable interest extends to all student work. You should strive for quality, not maximum. 95 or 100% – it doesn’t matter, but trying to change the situation can negatively affect your content.

Where to check the originality of scientific work?

There are now a huge number of text verification services. Most of them are free. If you need to check whether you want to increase the uniqueness of the work or order it from scratch, contact the company Essayswriting.org and place an order. The advantages are obvious – fast, high-quality scientific content, with a guarantee and absolute relief from worries and anxieties.